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     60mm or 2-3/8"   59mm or 2-5/16"   57mm or 2-1/4"   55mm or 2-3/16"   54mm or 2-1/8"   52mm or 2-1/16"   51mm or 2"   48mm or 1-7/8"   46mm or 1-13/16"   44mm or 1-3/4"   43mm or 1-11/16"   41mm or 1-5/8"   40mm or 1-9/16"   38mm or 1-1/2"   37mm or 1-7/16"   35mm or 1-3/8"   33mm or 1-5/16"   32mm or 1-1/4"   30mm or 1-3/16"   29mm or 1-1/8"   27mm or 1-1/16"   25mm or 1"   76mm or 3"   24mm or 15/16"   22mm or 7/8"   21mm or 13/16"   6mm   8mm   10mm   12mm   16mm   40mm   35mm   30mm   45mm   50mm   1.0mm(10pcs/box)   1.5mm(10pcs/box)   2.0mm(10pcs/box)   2.5mm(10pcs/box)   3.0mm(10pcs/box)   3.5mm(10pcs/box)   4.0mm(10pcs/box)   4.5mm(10pcs/box)   5.0mm(10pcs/box)   5.5mm(10pcs/box)   6.0mm(10pcs/box)   6.5mm(10pcs/box)   7.0mm(10pcs/box)   7.5mm(10pcs/box)   8.0mm(10pcs/box)   8.5mm(5pcs/box)   11.0mm(5pcs/box)   9.0mm(5pcs/box)   11mm   31.0mm   25.0mm   16.5mm   13.0mm(10pcs/box)   12.5mm(10pcs/box)   9.5mm(5pcs/box)   10.0mm(5pcs/box)   10.5mm(5pcs/box)   11.5mm(5pcs/box)   12.0mm(5pcs/box)   20.5mm   12.4mm   10.4mm   8.3mm   6.3mm   9mm   7mm   5mm   75x50mm   100x70mm   150x100mm   200x130   300x200   15mm   14mm   13mm   17mm   18mm   19mm   20mm   21mm   22mm   23mm   24mm   25mm   26mm   27mm   28mm   29mm   31mm   32mm   33mm   34mm   36mm   37mm   38mm   39mm   3-JAW MANUAL CHUCKS 63mm   12x12x30x75mm   10x10x30x75mm   8x8x20x60mm   48mm   49mm   41mm   42mm   43mm   44mm   46mm   47mm   6x6x10x50mm   10x10mm(3/8"x3/8")   12x12mm(1/2"x1/2")   8x8mm(5/16"x5x/16")   40m   3-JAW MANUAL CHUCKS 80mm   3-JAW MANUAL CHUCKS 50mm   #-1104 4x4x10x50MM   #-1103 3x3x7x38MM   #1105 5x5x11x50MM   #1106 6x6x13x57mm   #1108 8x8x19x63mm   #1110 10x10x22x72mm   #1112 12x12x26x83mm   3-JAW MANUAL CHUCKS 100mm   40x570mm   40x370mm   38x570mm   35x570mm   26x520mm   26x370mm   25x370mm   24x520mm   22x540mm   22x370mm   20x540mm   18x340mm   16x340mm   15x340mm   14x540mm   14x340mm   12x540mm   TC-Series one-piece multi-purpose tapping chuck M6-M24(1/4"-15/16")   TC-Series one-piece multi-purpose tapping chuck M5-M20 (3/16"-3/4")   NT40 SHANK SHELL END MILL ARBORS 27mm   TC-Series one-piece multi-purpose tapping chuck M3-M16 (1/8"-5/8")   20mm or 25/32"   19mm or 3/4"   17mm or 11/16"   16mm or 5/8"   14mm or 9/16"   64mm or 2-1/2"   NT40 SHANK SHELL END MILL ARBORS 32mm   60mm   55mm   MT5 TO MT4   MT5 TO MT3   MT4 TO MT3   MT3 TO MT2   MT2 TO MT1   DIN5157 HSS From D BSP Taps,G 1/2"x14   DIN5157 HSS From D BSP Taps,G 3/8"x19   DIN5157 HSS From D BSP Taps,G 1/8"x28   DIN5157 HSS From D BSP Taps,G 1/4"x19   DIN5157 HSS From D BSP Taps,G 3/4"x14   D1-6 Camlock Backplates 250MM   D1-8 camlock backplates 12"
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